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Woman Unrolling a Yoga Mat | Learn Yoga in New Jersey

Learn Yoga in New Jersey

Learn Yoga in New Jersey Yoga For Weirdos is just that - a place where people who feel like outsiders can learn yoga in New Jersey that caters to their uniqueness. As someone who loves the counter-culture and embraces the things that make me happy, I wanted to create a healthy space for people who share my passion for the weird and wonderful.

Who Doesn't Love An Underdog?

After a herniated disc, I turned to yoga. Since I was already a weirdo, I wondered if like-minded weirdos might be interested in learning yoga too. I wanted to turn my journey of recovery into a tale of hope for anyone who thinks yoga isn't beneficial. I have a lot of empathy for people and understand the struggles they face. This recognition fuels my desire to inspire and bring good physical and mental health to as many weirdos as possible.